Phil Babb

Rock solid drumming machine with a heart of soul, hence usually known as Philly Babb, after the greats of Motortown RnB. Boasting more skins than a peeled onion, Phil beats the tubs and provides the backbone for the special sound that is Eat the Lemon. In his spare time Phil flexes f-stops, filters light temperatures and manipulates flexible backdrops - a professional photographer, no less -

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Gino Amato

As a GP armed with poultices and unguents, Gino ministers to the sick and needy of the parish. In Eat the Lemon he dispenses treatment of a different kind: known as the human jukebox, GA has the capacity to (and will if not held back) perform almost any song from the twentieth century at the merest whiff of a prompt. Multi-instrumental expertise a speciality.

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Peter Dieck

Creative powerhouse, Peter loves the sound of a warm guitar and organ, and in making infinitessimal adjustments to the instruments and amplification at his disposal in the eternal search for the perfect sound has become know as diddly Dieck. Software specialist and computer guru at heart, Peter brings digital logic to Eat the Lemon.

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Luigi Sterlini

Long standing member of Eat the Lemon Luigi labours under the tag one structured dude for his browbeating need to ensure that all is catalogued, indexed and archived. Dabbler on sax and harmonica, and master of the improvised guitar solo and four string tickler, Luigi is the band's most prolific writer of impenetrable lyrics. A trait no doubt rooted in his other occupation: legal eagle turned dispenser of civil justice.

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So, who are we?

...or rather why are we? Some will surely argue that there is in us all a primeval urge to communicate with others, and that this deep rooted need is somehow reflected in the importance that we give to the lyrics in our songs. Well, there may be some currency in this view. Check out the words for songs such as Mr Film Maker and Crowded Vision which map out some of the angst of the human condition. Or perhaps the whimsy of of Fatbelly Blues or In(n) Crowd. And maybe there is even a hint of desperation in songs like Bunfields or How You Sleep At Night. Do we have the vision? You be the judge.

Of course, just because you may have something to say doesn't mean you are able to say it well. This brings us onto the music itself. Our aim is to entertain. That is to say, first and foremost we aim to entertain ourselves ... and if we end up entertaining others along the way so much the better. Whilst we don't pander to fashion, we do not operate in a vacuum. The sounds you will hear on this site certainly show that we have - on occasion - nodded towards the prevalent sonic trend of the time. However, the EtL sound is unique which is why we find it so hard to describe. In a way, there is little point trying to describe it ... as Frank Zappa famously said "writing about music is like fishing about architecture".

In the end, we let the music do the, er, talking as it were.

So, with that in mind, we invite you to check out the Sound and vision and the Lyrics of this, Britain's most established unsigned band.

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