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    Harry's Party was recorded live on super shiny digital using a Sony ECM-MS907 stereo microphone direct into a Sony MZ-R55 Mini Disk recorder. Apart from level matching, there has been no audio enhancement in the mastering process, and the recording is exactly as it was heard by the audience of the packed out venue - warts and all. Finally, the tracks were all mastered on PC using Cool Edit Pro.

    Bonus track Sea Change was recorded in multi-track digital audio using Sonar - we'd love to say that the track features an army of musicians. The truth is it's just two of us with some guest vocals.

Harry's Party 2003

Recorded live on 1st March 2003 at Brackendale Tennis Club and mixed at The Long Room audio facility Harry's Party captures the excitement of EtL live and kicking.

The album comes with a bonus Track composed and recorded by EtL side prioject Lupe Luigi and - Peter larking around (see below) couple of old favourites.

Track Listing:

  • Eat the Lemon Majestically sets the scene for the evening's entertainment. Purposeful, powerful plentiful. In yer face? not 'arf!
  • Where's Poirot? Puzzlingly intricate intro, gives way to a ska-inflected rhythmical masterpiece workgin its way up to a hammering crescendo solo guitar workout.
  • Mr Filmmaker "The smell of burning candlewax" - what are we on about? Pseudo-Santana middle section sets the foundation for the solid final chorus and outro.
  • (Tell Me) How You Sleep At Night Painfully poignant examination of modern life, which as Blur rightly pointed out "...is rubbish". What keeps us awake at night? Demons and visions, that's what.
  • Fatbelly Blues "I keep putting on, more than I put in." Sounds familiar? Sure it does - set to the rockingest rock 'n roll rhythm, this tune is a complete work-out.
  • We Can Shine More off beat lyrics set to an off-beat rhythm, this tune tells us achingly what it means to be good. As if.
  • The Place Time for a breather...until the crashing up tempo finale. "Don't calculate, but never assume." Soflty, softly, catchee monkey.
  • Lets Make Some Noise Officially our favourite song of all time, starts as it means to go on: positive, chunky yet agile and full of surprises.
  • In(n) Crowd another crowd pleaser, this tune swoops and ducks, twists and scrapes backwards. Harmonies and drum beats - EtL all over.
  • Caroline Get those heads down and shake those tail feathers, 'cos this is the rock n' roll equivalent of "death by chocolate", except when it's finished you do want more.
  • Sea Change Ok, ok. It is intended as a Pink Floyd pastiche. And so what - why can't we have a bit of fun?

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