Grace's Pips 2008

At last, what you've all patiently been waiting for: our new CD release Grace's Pips is now in the shops available for purchase. Well, for "shops" read "on-line shops" - yes, that's right. To acquire your very own copy of Graces's Pips click here to take you directly and without delay to the relevant Amazon page.

You can also check out all the tunes on Grace's Pips on Spotify and the other usual digital platforms, inc Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Why the name,Grace's Pips? Well, it's a long story... and we tell it most clearly on the copious sleeve notes. Thus, the only way you'll ever find out is to buy a copy (note: this is a surreptitious way of encouaging you to buy the CD),

So what's on it? Mostly new recordings of old favourites, undetaken with up-to-the-minute recording techniques.

Undoubtedlty, the grand opus.

Track Listing:

  • In(n) crowd
  • T shirt 'n jeans
  • Lets make some noise
  • Where's Poirot?
  • Carpet ride
  • We can shine
  • Mr filmmaker
  • Your father's son
  • Eat the lemon
  • The place

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