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    The studio in Hounslow, NW London, was owned by the famous filmscore composer, John Williams and his recording partner. In a concrete carbuncle half buried in the ground at the end of the garden, the studio had all the state of the art equipment... not. The Teac analogue 8 track reel-to-reel was fed by a basic mixing desk. The only piece of outboard was a Roland Space Echo, which did not so much add depth as the feeling we were playing in a drainpipe. Still, it was leagues ahead of the rudimentary cassette-plus-microphone that we had used up until then.

Edge of Reason EP 1983

The first proper recording of EtL music the "Edge Of Reason" EP was a breakthrough for the band. A proper studio, with a proper control room, separated by a large window .... enough to intimidate four impressionable young men.

Track Listing:

  • No Flies Almost certainly the second song we wrote, an infectious up-tempo pop song sardonically extolling the virtues of beng a "self made man" which anticpated the rise of Essex-man by at least a decade. Great rousing coda section at the end.
  • Buzzword Another poppy offering, with bouncing guitars and harmony vocals, this track brings to mind a sunny Spring bank holiday. Lyrics? It's probably about chronic misuse of the English Language.
  • Nothing Personal The first of a series of deep and heartfelt love songs, Nothing Personal, is a sparse slab of pain. Revolving around the Am7 chord and a sequence of tacits that would become EtL hallmarks, this, probably the third song we ever wrote, set the scene for one particual branch of the EtL songwriting team for two decades.
  • Edge of Reason So what do you do if you are shipwrecked, stranded on a boat with two companions, and no food or drink? The melancholy theme belies a powerful grinding tenacity, which underpins all human endeavour: survive and procreate. Nice guitar figure, too.
  • Running from the Cops Now this one is the daddy!. The first song we ever assembled, it tells the story of an innocent, wrongly accused (ever heard that one before?) in a blusey and compelling rhytmical pattern. The song was a permanent fixture in the gig list for liver performance, and the big finale was always a crowd pleaser.

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